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Hand Made Soap for Good Health

Have you tried our new soap yet? It is real natural soap! We use natural oils and lye (sodium hydroxide) to make soap. Then we add moisturizing oils and essential oils for a beautiful natural fragrance. We also add herbs to give the soap a beautiful natural color.

Our soap is natural because we make it the way soap was originally made before detergents were invented. We avoid using substances that cause harm to people’s health. We use the following ingredients.

1. Sodium hydroxide. Although sodium hydroxide is caustic in its natural state, it reacts with oil (an acid) to make a gentle and neutral product called soap. This is how real soap has always been made.

2. Oils. Oils are the other major ingredient in soap. They mix with sodium hydroxide to make soap. We use several oils in our soaps due to the benefits that they give to the skin.

Olive oil is conditioning and good for the skin.

Beeswax adds hardness and a beautiful scent to the soap.

Coconut oil adds hardness to the soap and creates a beautiful lather. It is highly moisturizing.

Soybean oil is superfatting and creates a conditioning soap with a stable lather. Superfatting means it is added towards the end and does not entirely combine into soap making but floats around, making the soap “cleansing and moisturizing.”

Cocoa butter is superfatting and adds moisture and a beautiful scent to the skin.

Sweet almond oil is superfatting and is conditioning and moisturizing to the skin.

3. Herbs. We use herbs to create a beautiful color. For example, calendula petals for a golden orange color, alkanet root for purple, madder root for pink and fresh spinach for a brilliant green color.

4. Essential oils give the soap a beautiful scent. So far we have the following soaps:

Lavender soap,

Rosemary and lemon soap,

Honey and vanilla soap, and

Peppermint soap.

Try them today. You will love them! And we are bringing in new soaps soon.

Say no to commercially produced soap

Now let me explain why you want to switch to handmade soap. The commercially manufactured “soap”, whether liquid or solid is made from detergents. Detergents and the additives like fragrance, color and preservatives, which are all chemicals, are harmful to health. Detergents harm your skin’s protective layers; they damage the skin protein and draw your natural oils from deep down the skin, leaving you dry and itchy. Besides causing dry skin, these “soaps” cause allergic reactions, breathing problems, cancers and other modern conditions whose causes are not easy to trace. Detergents also affect water systems and cause harm to water life.

You can prevent a lot of these health problems by using natural soaps, shampoos and lotions.

Try our handmade soap today! More new and exciting soaps will be added.